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The Law in Missouri is Clear: Unlawful Retaliation is Illegal

Retaliating against an employee for filing a charge of discrimination, participating in a discrimination proceeding, opposing discrimination in the workplace, or for asserting your workers’ compensation rights is illegal in Missouri. Under Missouri law, an employer may not fire, demote, harass or otherwise “retaliate” against an individual for filing a charge of discrimination, participating in a discrimination proceeding, or opposing discrimination or for asserting their workers’ compensation rights.

Retaliation occurs when an employer, employment agency or labor organization takes an adverse action against a covered individual because he or she is engaged in a protected activity . These three terms are described below.

Adverse Action

unlawful retaliation discrimination cyrus dashtaki lawyer attorney st louis jefferson city missouriThe employment action must be materially adverse. For example, it must be more than mere inconvenience or an alteration of job responsibilities. A materially adverse action might be:

  1. Discharge or termination;
  2. Demotion or transfer accompanied by one or more of the following:
    • Decrease in wages or salary;
    • Less distinguished job title;
    • Material loss of benefits;
    • Significantly diminished material job responsibilities;
    • Loss of seniority;
    • Employment actions such as termination, refusal to hire and denial of promotion; or
    • Other actions affecting employment such as unjustified discipline or negative evaluations, unjustified negative references or increased workload.

Even if the prior protected activity alleged wrongdoing by a different employer, retaliatory adverse actions are unlawful. For example, it is unlawful for a worker’s current employer to retaliate against an employee for pursuing a complaint of discrimination against a former employer.

Covered Individuals

Covered individuals are people who have filed prior complaints of discrimination, opposed unlawful discriminatory practices, participated in proceedings like investigations or hearings or requested accommodations for a disability or religious practice. Individuals who have a close association with someone who has engaged in such protected activity also are covered individuals. For example, under Missouri law it is illegal to terminate an employee because his or her spouse filed a discrimination complaint against the employer.

Protected Activity

Opposition to a practice believed to be unlawful discrimination

Opposition is informing an employer that you believe that it is engaging in prohibited discrimination. Under Missouri law, opposition is protected from retaliation as long as it is based on a reasonable, good-faith belief that the practice being opposed violates the law and the manner of the opposition is reasonable.

Examples of protected opposition include:
  • Complaining to an employer about alleged discrimination against oneself or others
  • Threatening to file a charge of discrimination
  • Lawful picketing in opposition to discrimination
  • Refusing to obey an order reasonably believed to be discriminatory
  • Requesting a reasonable accommodation based on religion or disability
  • Notifying your employer that you were injured on the job
  • Filing a claim for workers’ compensation
Examples of activities that are NOT protected opposition include:
  • Actions that interfere with job performance so as to render the employee ineffective
  • Unlawful activities such as acts or threats of violence

Participation in a discrimination proceeding

Participation is a protected activity even if the proceeding involved claims that ultimately were found to be invalid. Under Missouri law, examples of participation include:

  • Filing a charge of discrimination
  • Cooperating with an internal investigation of alleged discriminatory practices
  • Serving as a witness during the investigation, hearing or litigation of a discrimination complaint
  • Filing a claim for workers’ compensation

Associational Discrimination in Missouri

Missouri law protects individuals against discrimination on the basis of their association with a person in a protected category.

Equal employment opportunity cannot be denied to any person because of his or her association with a person in a protected category. For example, an employer cannot refuse to hire an individual who has a child with a disability out of fear that the child would raise their employee health insurance rates. An employer cannot demote an employee when it learns the employee is dating someone of another race. An employer cannot fire an employee when it learns the employee is married to someone from another country. In all of these examples, the person’s association with someone protected by Missouri law and discrimination on the basis of their association with a person in a protected category.

Terms, Conditions, and Privileges

Missouri law also prohibits discrimination in compensation and other terms, conditions and privileges of employment. Under Missouri law, association discrimination may not be the basis for differences in the following:

  • Compensation and benefits
  • Hiring
  • Promotions and demotions
  • Job assignments and training
  • Discipline
  • Employee training
  • Wrongful termination

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